Solo dance moves

Would love a workshop on social dance forms that can be done solo - thinking specifically of blues, but anything would be great! Show me your best moves that I can practice alone in front of the mirror!

How to Cook Skill Swap Food!

I'd love to do a cooking workshop where someone walks me through some of those tasty ESS menu items - especialy the amazing salads? I'm thinking in particular of the brown rice and seasme one. If we got the shopping list ahead of time, we could all aqcuire/scrounge the ingredients and then cook it together! (But I'd rather not make enough for 80 people, so someone would need to cut down the recipe for household-sized quantities)


This was offered in 2014 I think.  I had to miss out.  I'd love to learn!

How to use a sewing machine for total beginners

I have a sewing machine and nothing (NOTHING) else. No thread, no needles, no fabric, no knowledge. Can somebody get me started on repairing clothes or some other simple sewing-machine task?

Repair Cafe

I stole this idea from Alison Nihart, who suggested it after the 2017 ESS! It would be cool to get together and trade ideas and encouragement for repairing busted gadgets.

Urban Permaculture (or just eco-friendly gardening)

If you have a permaculture-ish home garden in a somewhat limited space, I'd love to learn from you! I'm interested in growing food at home, where I have a little but mighty backyard, while supporting biodiversity and minimizing labor, artificial watering, artificial fertilizer, and pesticides. That sounds like "permaculture" to me, but for experts I imagine the term has a more restricted meaning. Hence "permaculture-ish". ;)

Edible weed foraging

I've seen a lot of folks talking about how violets and dandelions are edible, and I've certainly got loads in my yard. I'd love to learn more about identifying common edible "weeds", choosing where it's safe to harvest them from, and menu ideas!

Lyrical / fusion partner dance

Heating with wood

I've been heating with wood for some years, but there's still a lot I don't know or I'm not good at, like:

  • Technique for splitting wood efficiently
  • Axe or maul sharpening
  • Identifying wood species by their bark
  • Maybe chainsaw technique and safety

Yoga Nidra

would love to take a yoga nidra class if anyone teaches it


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