Do you have skills you'd like to teach or an activity you'd like to run?  Do you have skills that you are interested in learning? Join us in putting on VIRTUAL Epic Skill Swap 2020 by proposing a workshop or activity you'd like to lead or requesting skills you'd like to learn. Discuss workshops you are interested in, and maybe offer yourself up as an alternate instructor. See the "Proposal Process" page for more details.


Scavenger Hunt!

You'll get the list at the start and then we'll all meet up at the end and see what we found!

Yes!Maybe...Probably not

Tastes of Skill Swaps Past

As requested, I will attempt to teach folks how to make the sesame rice salad with tofu and greens that has appeared on at least one past Skill Swap menu. Have I ever made it for <90 people? No! Has a recipe ever existed in written form for this dish? Also no! Do I know how everyone on the NYT cooking/Bon Appetit/King Arthur instagrams are making their cooking demos look so good, and/or do I have their videography capabilities? Definitely not! Like Annie, I'm not sure if I can really do this, but I'm willing to try.

In this workshop, people will learn how to...: 
make rice salad
Yes!Maybe...Probably not

Basic Retirement Planning Literacy

I am not a financial expert and have no qualifications of any kind, except for doing a million-tabs-open-at-once-self-directed crash course in retirement saving. I'd be happy to share my knowledge and at least get you oriented to some of the language (what's an IRA? 401k? Roth account?), some of the basic theory (how much do I need to save to retire?), and some ideas on where to start (what should I read next?) With the caveat that you should do your own research and talk to someone with real expertise before doing anything with your money.

In this workshop, people will learn how to...: 
start thinking about retirement saving
Yes!Maybe...Probably not


Solo dance moves

Would love a workshop on social dance forms that can be done solo - thinking specifically of blues, but anything would be great! Show me your best moves that I can practice alone in front of the mirror!

How to Cook Skill Swap Food!

I'd love to do a cooking workshop where someone walks me through some of those tasty ESS menu items - especialy the amazing salads? I'm thinking in particular of the brown rice and seasme one. If we got the shopping list ahead of time, we could all aqcuire/scrounge the ingredients and then cook it together! (But I'd rather not make enough for 80 people, so someone would need to cut down the recipe for household-sized quantities)


This was offered in 2014 I think.  I had to miss out.  I'd love to learn!