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A Happy Body is a Limbered-Up and Badass Body

Or, How I Would Take Care of You if I Couldn't Be Your Massage Therapist

 In sophomoric bodyworker zeal, after learning both a dread fear of muscular imbalance and a feverish idolization of perfect posture, I ceased to trust weights or conventional practices of working out. Fortunately, before too long I crossed paths with a weird system of eccentric-contraction-based exercises that met my hypervigilant fresh-out-of-massage-school scruples. Many of those scruples have since fallen away, but this kind of exercise still rocks my socks, and it can rock yours, too.

In this workshop, people will learn how to...: 
Feel Powerful and Strong


I think of AcroYoga as the love child of yoga and circus acrobatics.  If you've never looked it up on YouTube, I highly recommend doing so!  But don't be intimidated - many fundemental poses are surprisingly simple and accessible, and there are some fun partner yoga excercised we can do without ever leaving the ground.  I've been practicing AcroYoga off and on for several years, and really love it.  I would be happy to share what I know, from basic safetly and fundemental poses to transitions and next-level skills.   

In this workshop, people will learn how to...: 
balance people on top of people for fun!

Basic Auto Body Repair

So you've got a rusty spot on your car. First, you may ignore it. Then, you may intend to do something about. Finally, it may grow to a hole and then you know it's bad. What to do? In this workshop, we'll cover the basics of removing rust, using body filler to repair holes, and painting. If you want us to practice on your car, please plan to chip in towards material costs.

(This workshop may be co-led by Jennifer Atlee, who inspired me at the very first Skill Swap by teaching a similar workshop!)

In this workshop, people will learn how to...: 
Repair rust on automobiles


What's under the hood?

How do the parts of a car make it go and what I can do to keep mine in good working order?

The Inside Story

I'm new, so this might shove as a workshop, but I think that most fields have an interesting story going on in their communities that it takes some hand-holding to really understand. For example, why is so much academic classical music so inaccessible? Turns out there are interesting stories behind how that came to be and why it has persisted for half of a century. Does your field have an interesting inside story?

Acro Yoga

My wife and I only know a few moves but really enjoy it and would love to learn more.