Tastes of Skill Swaps Past

As requested, I will attempt to teach folks how to make the sesame rice salad with tofu and greens that has appeared on at least one past Skill Swap menu. Have I ever made it for <90 people? No! Has a recipe ever existed in written form for this dish? Also no! Do I know how everyone on the NYT cooking/Bon Appetit/King Arthur instagrams are making their cooking demos look so good, and/or do I have their videography capabilities? Definitely not! Like Annie, I'm not sure if I can really do this, but I'm willing to try.

In this workshop, people will learn how to...: 
make rice salad
Workshop Format: 
I'll offer my skill as a group workshop
What age range is your workshop aimed at?: 
What physical materials should participants acquire in advance? : 
INGREDIENTS: rice, tofu, cooking greens, mushrooms (optional), onions (optional), garlic, ginger, soy sauce, sesame oil, vinegar/citrus, sweetener (optional). EQUIPMENT: 2 burners (or 1 burner + rice cooker), cutting surface, sharp non-serrated knife, pot, frying pan, jar, 2 containers, heatproof spatula.
Yes!Maybe...Probably not