Basic Retirement Planning Literacy

I am not a financial expert and have no qualifications of any kind, except for doing a million-tabs-open-at-once-self-directed crash course in retirement saving. I'd be happy to share my knowledge and at least get you oriented to some of the language (what's an IRA? 401k? Roth account?), some of the basic theory (how much do I need to save to retire?), and some ideas on where to start (what should I read next?) With the caveat that you should do your own research and talk to someone with real expertise before doing anything with your money.

In this workshop, people will learn how to...: 
start thinking about retirement saving
Workshop Format: 
I'll offer my skill as a group workshop
What age range is your workshop aimed at?: 
What online tools or platforms, besides basic video conferencing, do you need for your workshop?: 
I might point to some websites, but no special software or anything.
What physical materials should participants acquire in advance? : 
What virtual resources should participants acquire in advance?: 
Yes!Maybe...Probably not